CIBC Banking Template

A different way of looking at banking

Posted by Louis Millette on June 11, 2017

Online Banking is Clunky

I'm not taking a jab at CIBC's online banking page, every online banking page is kind of clucked. At a time that every manager wants to be looking at a dashboard of information, individuals banking online are still stuck with the same boilerplate online banking page: A list of transactions, a couple of details for each, and perhaps a little bar plot of when money was withdrawn and how much. I made (using python and high charts) a better template and I haven't gone back on my online banking page for months. I call it the burndown chart, it treats all income as a lump sum in the beginning of a set period, and removes expenditures as the period progress's, calculating in each week how much is left in the budget and how much over or under I am. As a student, this is extraordinarily useful: these are calculations I would have been making every week, and didn't have a convenient way to visualize. A link to mine (with faked data; not my real banking data) is provided below.

Bank Statement

it's not complicated, it does exactly what I need it to do. The whole project is implemented through a python module that access CIBCs banking API using a series of requests, pulls and orders a number of transactions, and writes them to a template.

click here for code