Zillow Plugin

VUE/AWS Lambda/JS that takes Zillow to the next level

Posted by Louis Millette on July 02, 2022


This is a SinglePage of a Zillow home with the script enabled


I built a Zillow plugin to compare housing to the S&P 500. This takes your idle Zillow scrolling to the next level by comparing renting to owning or just investing. It includes the opportunity cost of an S&P 500 investment, with nominal and real adjusted burndown estimates. Because it reads Zillow's home info, it uses home age, tax info, HOA, condo fees, local property taxes, maintenance estimates, rent estimates, inflation, etc. You won't find a better comparison tool then this!


  • AWS Lambda and API endpoint I used for my S&P500 Calculator
  • VUE/Materialize for the actual page that gets loaded after the API call, using its response data.
  • JS jQuery and a Greece monkey script + HTML injection to collect the home data and build iframe dynamically

click here for code